Monday, August 11, 2008

I's Gots Internet!

So the lovely FIOS people were in the neighborhood while I was away on vacay and they cut my cable line. Uh. Duh. And you people want my business? Nice way to go about it.

As for Olympic Stitching:

I chose Celtic Christmas because she really doesn't deserve to be on those scroll rods for more than ten years and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to finally make the big push towards the finish.

But once again, I'm not enjoying it. LOL That's why she's been sitting in her pillowcase all this time.

I promise to fold my arms and persevere on this one. I might earn my own gold medal for endurance of non-pleasurable stitching.

Okay. Answering the questions before they come: what's wrong? why am I not enjoying my time with this pretty thing? Because of the beading down the sides. The changing of threads. I can't stitch with her comfortably in my chair and have to stitch at the table. I'm constantly flipping to the back to anchor a thread. (Okay. It was my artistic choice to stitch the beads with thread that matches the beads rather than thread that matches the fabric - because it looks better! ) If I can just push myself to finish the beading on one side I'll let myself stitch on her skirt again. And then I'll have the beading down the other side to contend with. I'm trying, darn it.


Anna van Schurman said...

What about attaching the beads with nymo? When it doubt go clear! Hey, at least you started. I'm so lame I haven't even washed the Toy Gatherer.

Donna said...

Changing to Nymo wouldn't be good at this point. LOL

She would look lovely if I had known about the existence of invisible beading thread back in 1998, but I would have slitmywrists using that much of the stuff. I probably would have stuffed it in the trash even.

No. I will just slowly plow ahead with current path.