Friday, August 15, 2008

No Stitching For Me

Yesterday we drove DD to Richmond so she could spend a few days visiting a friend. We arrived early and had some time to spare for lunch and a tiny bit of exploring.

We found Poe's Pub where we had a delicious lunch. Next week Dick Butt Kiss and the Tightends are playing there. Nothing like band names that reflect the mentality of an eighth grade male.

Then there was this construction going on that prevented me from going the way I wanted to and suddenly we found ourselves right in front of the Poe Museum and Gift Shop and there was this empty parking spot. Now I have a new pencil, a new beer glass - "the taste is Poetic," and a new cookbook - "Food to Die For." Somehow I think we now need to go visit the other Poe city, Baltimore, and complete the cycle.

We didn't get home until shortly after 6:30 and I made some curried chicken salad from a leftover roast chicken. It's hard to believe but it was actually cool enough this week for me to light the oven and roast a chicken. Watched the Red Sox complete a sweep of the Rangers - that was an interesting series, watched Misty and Kerri in Beach Volleyball, watched Michael Phelps do his thing. And then had a great night's sleep due to the fact that my vampire daughter wasn't in the house with any lights on.

Today. House cleaning. Laundry. And Olympic Stitching.

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Jennifer said...

I've eaten at Poe's Pub several times. My best friend lives in Richmond, and she and her DH loved that place, so whenever I'd go down to visit, that's where we'd eat. Then they started using the very small wings for their buffalo wings, so my friends stopped going there. If it wasn't for the tiny wings, I'd definitely go back though.