Saturday, August 02, 2008

Off to Play Reunions for the Next Two Days

It has been interesting being in New England for the great Manny trade. Of course everyone here weighs in with their opinions. Everyone is an expert. In this place, little bitty kids and 92 year old ladies can talk intelligently about baseball. Got to love it.

As for stitching.
I've been working on my hardanger, but am missing the correct color of perle 8 and can really go no further. I've got this terrific turquoise shade of perle 5, one of the new DMC variations. I had forgotton how quickly hardanger can be stitched. I see more of this in my future.

DD started a Textile Heritage piece she picked up and discovered last night that there is a shade of green that doesn't match the other shades of green. And that would make 5 shades of green in a kit that has 4 shades. She got a bit frustrated. It was funny.

So I started my Mill Hill scissor pocket, but won't go very far with this as I am without my beading mat which I love for beading.

Well, other peoples are getting up. Now to go shower and have tons of fun!

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