Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hook, Set, Reel 'em In

I've had the pleasure of (finally) setting my DD down the stitching path. To the point where she has her own stash now. Even after swearing she'd only do one pattern at a time. LOL

But this morning I'm taking her to my EGA meeting where we're going to work on a canvas piece.

Yes. Got her started. Got her hooked. Now to show her the endless possibilities and take her totally over to the dark side.

And for those of you with younger children, I'll tell you that I tried to hook her on sewing years and years ago. It was only at 20 that I finally got her. When her friends at school were knitting, she decided she needed to learn, maybe crocheting? But counted cross stitch beckoned with pretty patterns and fibers and fabric and even beads.

It's all good.

1 comment:

Coni said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha....another victim! Very good work, Goddess! Let's see how long that "one pattern at a time" foolishness lasts!