Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Monday

Not manic. Just Monday. Going out for a short bike ride soon. It's already very warm outside. Last week I managed to make DH's mountain bike ride-worthy again. I did a cleaning job that removed most, but not all of the mud. I took off the rear tire and changed the inner tube. Yeah for me. But doing that does leave one with residual grease stains that don't look so nice when you're holding $120 a yard linen. I'm not saying that biking and stitching are incompatible. But one must clean carefully. Chain still needs a meticulous cleaning. Of course this bike is ill-suited for my purposes. First and foremost, it's really too big for me frame-wise. I need to get the toe clips off the pedals before I kill myself. And I'm not going off-road. Ever. I'll be happy with eventually being able to get on the W & OD trail and maybe get as far as Herndon and the Great Harvest Bread store.

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