Saturday, September 27, 2008

Writing Mojo Gone

Sorry I've been channeling my inner blogger into writing actual letters to some relatives. I mean real letters on paper with pens and everything. I've got to say my handwriting sucks. I mean really sucks. This is why I tend to write a rough draft and then try for a clean copy. Doesn't always work as my brain goes much faster than my hand and I sometimes drop little words like "the" and "to." Which makes me sound like an idiot. Which I am not.

Weather is yucky, but we're going to try to go to an Arts and Crafts Festival anyway. DS came home for the weekend, but is going to drive himself back to school today because he can't resist the pull of Obama and Biden coming to his school and speaking.

I worked on Spooky Hill while listening to the debate. I guess that was good timing because otherwise I would have been watching the Yankees clobber the Red Sox which is never good for the blood pressure.

So off to find some fun!

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