Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Tried to called Macy's to see if my new ring was back from being sized, but no one would answer the phone. So I went. And was told to call first. Duh. You people, um, suck. No ring. And no, they haven't called me. I was told the jeweler comes in on Tuesdays. I guess I'll go back to trying to call them.

Picked up some Splendor for continuing to stitch pendibules. And then stopped by the Container Store for, well, containers. Now all the overdyed cottons are in one big bin with half of them ringed. And all the silks are in one big bin. What is up with this addiction I have to plastic? Walking in there is like an invitation to a cleaner, more organized life. But not really. Must resist. Christmas season will upon us soon and I won't be making any trips to Tyson's Corner. That should help until next year.

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