Friday, September 05, 2008

A Finish!

Photo later...but I finished my Crazy Quilt Pyramid ornament. This is a design by a member of my EGA chapter that was a class shortly after I joined the group - maybe spring '06?

I've had the stitching finished since the beginning of the summer - it looks like a four-pointed star on Congress cloth. Yesterday I cut it out, sewed up sides, did the chain stitch over my sewing, stuffed it, made a hanger and sewed it shut.

With this design we were able to embellish it in colors and fibers of our own choosing. Right from the beginning I knew I wanted to commemorate a special place - the camp my grandparents bought the year I was born. (Just a side note for fun - the last name of the people they bought it from, is now my last name. My parents bought a house from these same people at the same time so I grew up in a house with green shutters with an "L" on them. And our last name started with a "B.")

Eventually after stitching the background which is meant to mimic different fabrics, I stitched lady slippers, a pine branch, waterlilies, forget-me-nots, cattails, and a blueberry bush.

This summer my sister put the place up for sale. Sad, but true. She's not any great rush and has turned down a developer.

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