Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday Night

I got to visit with a friend yesterday afternoon (which was great) and DH beat me home. He fed the cats so I wasn't attacked the second I walked in the door. I made a new recipe involving grits again. This one was a Rachael Ray recipe. Was okay. I can see ways to improve it. Tasted good for breakfast this morning. (I am not a breakfast food person. Cereal, blah. Real food, good.) While I was doing the dishes the phone rang and DH handed me a towel and said I needed to talk to S, who was one of our roommates after DH and I got married. So we had a nice chat and then I gave the phone back to DH, finished the dishes, continued watching the 6 home run performance by the Red Sox, and kept designing pendibules. I now have the colors green, blue, gold, and red charted and started purple.

Then I decided I needed to go through my silk stash which meant I really should sort the fibers that had been piling up and were homeless in various bags. I got everything done except the silks! But they are waiting for me to play with them today and I will be able to see them better in daylight. I can see that the silks now need to be divided into two categories - solids and overdyeds. You think that picking up a skein here or there that this is a casual collection. Until you put them all together and start seeing dollar signs.

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