Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mountain Festival

Yesterday DH and I went to the Arts and Crafts Mountain Festival in West Virginia. Had a terrific time listening to the bands and munching our way around the food vendors. And whoever does the job of handling the vendors is doing a fantastic job. A great variety of different vendors, not just all photography and jewelry (anyone in Reston listening?) And some vendors were actually producing art, not just crafts. Oh. What a concept! Fresh roasted peanuts deserve 4 thumbs up! Especially when eaten while sitting on hay bales listening bluegrass music.

And there was one vendor that deserves mention here. She was selling framed cross stitch. Big pieces costing $500+. I read her posted info and was not happy that she made it seem like these were all her original designs. I recognized 2 Drawn Thread pieces and several others were eerily familiar. Like things had been changed, but were based off the work of some other designer. Sigh.

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