Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Just being honest. Nothing at all new here. Nothing to see. Move along, people.

Just trying to get my act together before going to my EGA meeting and then hitting the road for Fredtown. Got some stuff to gather up and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten to do something. Well, I can think of one big thing. But I'm hoping a phone call will take care of that.

Why does it seem harder to hold multiple things in my head these days? Is it the lack of decent sleep? What was up with this morning's dream about forgetting the tickets to a play and we had our friends' tickets, too? I could see them so clearly in the envelope on the fridge. Great - even in my dreams I'm haunted by the things that I've forgotten. No escape.

It's nearly October so it is time for a shout out to the boys of Fenway Park and to the clinching of a playoff berth. Would be sweeter to win the division, but it's way better than not making it all. Like the Yankees.

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