Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back Home in Kidless House

The good news is that the gas prices were apparently high enough to keep a lot of folks home on Labor Day weekend. I arrived home last night right around 7:30 p.m.

DD and I moved her stuff in stages. The school set aside two days for arrivals, so we took her bike, fridge, bookcase, tv, tv stand, etc. to school on Sunday and checked in. She referred to last year's single room as a coffin. This year's is much better. It's bigger. Has sliders leading on to a balcony (which is locked.) Has room for her bike in the room. And we even went shopping and found her a comfy chair and another lamp. Then we went back to NH. And got up yesterday and did it all over again with her clothes and assorted boxes. This time we were met by her boyfriend that she hadn't seen since April/May? I let them move everything in, took her to the grocery store, and then left so they could enjoy some time together.

On the way north, DD and I did make a side trip to the Thistle Needleworks in Glastonbuy CT. So many fibers. So many books. So many crewel kits. What's a person to do? I left with a Hardanger book, the Mary Gostelow cross stitch book printed in 1982 that has everything in it that I eventually learned on my own, but here it is all in one place. Also a pair of scissors that are earmarked strictly for Hardanger, two Mill Hill Santas on perforated paper, a couple of black fibers, some Hardanger fabric, some perle cotton. I think that's it.

On Thursday, I tried using bicone crystals in the corners of the Color Tile III piece, but I hate the way they lay. I tried some other things with the stuff I had with me, but didn't like any of it. Between my stash and what I picked up at the Thistle, I am hoping to find an alternate solution to these corners.

It's pretty quiet here this morning except for Elvis' snoring.

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