Sunday, September 21, 2008

Diamond Dance

No. That's not the name of my new ring. But it is the name of my new project.

I have already forgotten the designer's name. But apparently this piece was originally designed in 1994 and released or rereleased by Kreinik in 2000. Diamond Dance is meant to be a scissor chatelaine.

I've got my first two rows of satin stitches in and would have finished more, but I was extremely tired and fell asleep yesterday afternoon. So it was good that DH and I came home from shopping and didn't go straight to the movies. Instead we went to a late afternoon matinee of Ghost Town with Ricky Gervais. Parts of this movie are very funny. But unfortunately not all of it is. I still *heart* Ricky.


Erica said...

If memory serves (since I know this is in my stash *somewhere*), Diamond Dance is by Shay Pendray. It's beautiful IRL.

Donna said...

Must be another Diamond Dance. If this was by Shay, I wouldn't have forgotten.