Monday, January 12, 2009

Back To School

Poor DS was terribly ill Friday night. He managed to come and pick me up from work and I knew he was feeling bad when he asked me to drive. I'm betting it was food poisoning, though we couldn't figure out what he ate that no one else did.

So Saturday was supposed to be laundry day for both kids before leaving to return to college on Sunday. Only DS didn't really do any laundry on Saturday as he was still in recovery mode. Which meant his laundry wasn't finished until 5:30 p.m. on Sunday. Oh duh. I was hoping to home by then, not leaving then. DD flight into Logan got delayed because of the weather there, and she left Dulles 2-3 hours later than she was supposed to. While she was waiting for her baggage she texted me to say she'd missed the bus, but no. Later update was the bus was late, too. So she did eventually make it back to school, making both the homecoming and school returning trips subject to some nasty New England winter weather problems.

DS and I had traffic issues of our own and stopped early to eat at Cracker Barrel. Where I watched a guy eating fried okra like it was popcorn. Literally he couldn't put it in his mouth fast enough and he ate two orders of it before moving on to his meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I figured if it was that good, I'd give it a go. My go to veggie at CB is turnip greens. And I love when lima beans are the veggie of the day. The okra was good, but apparently I don't have the same appreciation for it as this guy did. We did the stop at the grocery store and buy food for the boy. Got to supplement the school provided food.

The earlier delay in leaving gave me time to start my first punch needle project, an Elizabeth's Designs Art Deco piece. I did about half of it and figured out some things on my own. I think I started by over punching and if I'm going to do that I can most likely use 2 strands instead of 3. So I started moving a bit farther apart with my punches and that was better. I realize I have some conflicting directions between what the books say and what my needle directions say. Either that or I am not understanding someone's terminology. Will consult with my expert friend. And experiment further.

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