Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Never Even Went Online Yesterday

I won't say I was mesmerized in front of the television all day, because I wasn't. I mostly watched on ABC and C-span. And totally enjoyed the local coverage when ABC ran it. I cleaned the kitchen, went and got a late lunch with DH. Finished reading the Power of Three by Laura Lippman. Even stitched some more background on this dogwood canvas:

I still have the French knots to stitch in some of the flowers and am debating on a border. I think it needs one. Just a simple slanted gobelin would be fine, but what color/s to use?

And then there's this punch needle I was talking about:

It's bit dark because of my changes. Like I said, lesson learned.

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Coni said...

Oh, the dogwoods are stunning! What a gorgeous selection of colors, fibers, and stitches! I agree that it needs a border. Would the darker green look good? Lovely, just lovely!