Thursday, January 15, 2009

Still Dreaming of Bargello

And only dreaming as I didn't have an opportunity to stitch yesterday. The only time I had was spent with the 20 lb. cat in my lap. Elvis was looking for love 'cause he's missing his kids who returned to school. Or maybe he was just cold. Woke up with curled up against me this morning and I know that was because he was looking for warmth. He's happily snoring on the ottoman beside me in the office right now. And I know he's happy because I turned on the space heater. (I don't type well with frozen fingers.)

Today is stitching group. We'll see how many show up. Last week we made it to 10 without four of our regulars. Oh my. I guess I shouldn't bring anything on a big frame. Something little will have to suffice.

I did pick threads for bargello experiments yesterday. Jewel tone green, red, blue, and purple in Watercolours and then matching perle cottons and matching metallics. That and a large piece of tan canvas that needs cutting. I totally spaced on thinking about stretcher bars. I know I have some, but not sure of the sizes. Why does the prospect of something new thrill me so much? And how do I translate that feeling to finishing?

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Coni said...

Oooo, bargello! And a new project at that! I can hardly wait to see what you will do, since I am hankering to play a little too!