Friday, January 09, 2009

Updating from Work

This is a first for me. As I usually work at home, I never say I'm updating from work. But all this week I've been managing a friend's needlework shop for her while she's on vacation. She's not stupid, she went to CA where it wasn't raining.

The first two days, the weather definitely kept all but the die hard shoppers away. Thursday was better, and today was better still. I've got another hour of hanging DMC and stowing away Appleton wool and it's pretty darn quiet right now.

I've been keeping my hands off the stash. Only purchases have been the colors for Ink Circles Much-Heralded Sampler. What I had originally I thought was wrong and in looking at my Color Index book that DD bought me, I was inspired to dream of a color combination that works much better. This piece only has three colors. A darker border of buildings at the bottom, the main mid-tone color, and an accent color. I have chosen Ashes, a gray from Carrie's Creations for the border and mid-tone blue of Carrie's the name of which escapes me, and Silk n Colours Charteuse for the accent. Had some Mourning Dove fabric that works wonderfully for this and now I've got a 1/4 yard of Crossed Wings Earth that needs a project. Never fear. I'll find one. Probably in short order.

I'm feeling virtuous having solved many problems today. And I made one woman incredibly happy as a nearly 5 month back order was finally filled and she can start her rug.

Yes. I am avoiding the DMC. But it has got to be done...

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