Friday, January 23, 2009

More Used Books

This morning we have for my eventual use and occasional perusal:

1) "Needlepoint from America's Great Quilt Designs" by Mary Kay Davis and Helen Giammattei published in 1974. This book has both color and black and white photos. There is a black and white photo of each pattern and then the stitch diagram on the facing page. It's divided into sections - Stars and Stripes, Nautical, Overall Patterns, Flowers, Leaves, and Trees, and Border and Background Stitches. I'm not a quilter. I had my flirtation with quilting decades ago and was taught by someone who insisted our first piece be made entirely by hand. But I do recognize patterns and will always appreciate fine quilts whenever and wherever I see them. That said, there are some recognizable to me patterns in this book. Actually it's kind of funny that I bought this as I always say that the canvas work quilt type patterns do not appeal to me. But I can see how bits and pieces may be useful.

2) "The Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery Stitch Patterns" by Katharine Ireys published in 1968, 1972. This is a book of hand drawn stitch diagrams with some black and white photos. There are 170 stitches diagrammed with illustrations of needle placement and which direction to stitch in. It's pretty gutsy calling something like this an encyclopedia, but for it's time I guess that's okay. I'm sure I can name any number of stitches that aren't included here, but I think this may be a solid reference book.

3) "Finishing and Mounting Your Needlepoint Pieces" by Katharine Ireys published in 1973. Anyone need to know how to make a typewriter cover? I thought not. Nor do I wish to make a cigarette case. But this book, though the illustrations of techniques are hand drawn, is an excellent reference for how to handle canvas finishing. Pillows, bellpulls, chair pads, neckties, tennis racket covers, bookends, chokers, etc. Home decor and personal accessories all neatly planned out for you when framing your finished piece isn't what you want.

I've got a few more days worth of books to go through and want to comment on the fact that many of them came from one lady. She wrote her name inside the books. And had obviously compiled quite a stitcher's library. Either she downsized or someone handling her estate brought the books to this used bookstore. And I'm grateful. They didn't just get tossed and will grace my bookshelves and have a second life. And maybe someday I'll pass them along to someone else. At which point they will truly be antiques.

In other stitching news:

I nearly finished the background on my dogwood canvas last night. I should have just kept plugging away but I didn't want to get sloppy. Will be doing border experimentation later today!

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