Friday, January 16, 2009

More on Bargello

I'll get to the B. in a minute.

But first. I stitched some more on By the Bay Needleart's "Spooky Hill" which is a headless horseman piece. Small, but I like the designer's style. If you see this piece, I can tell you that the colors are way off from what's called for. Those aren't blues at the top, but grays. Etc. No way near that bright. Will this always be an issue? Don't the designers know how frustrating that is for stitchers, when the colors in the photo don't reflect the actual product?

Came home from stitch in and grocery shopping and found my three, almost antique books on bargello. I've got two from 1967 and one from 1972. I found some exciting stuff about 4-way and 8-way bargello on the 'net yesterday morning and obviously have a lot to learn.

One of the interesting things about this is all of the myths about the origins of bargello. Does it have something to do with prisoners in Italy? A Polish princess? What about the alternate names of Florentine and Hungarian point? I may decide that I need to go classic first and get some wool to use on canvas. And then move on to perle cottons and metallics and silks. I got stretcher bars yesterday and forgot to buy more tacks...oh no!

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