Friday, January 16, 2009

The "I" Word

Just in case anyone is wondering, no I am not planning on attending the inauguration on Tuesday. Look, they've closed every bridge from Virginia into the District. They've closed the roads leading up to those bridges from the Beltway into the District. They have warned us for months about the size of the crowds. Two million? Four million? No one knows. They are all just guessing. The Metro parking lots are expected to be full by 6:00 a.m. Northern Virginia roads may gridlocked all day. Who knows? They have effectively scared off most sensible people from attempting to attend. You may need to be prepared to walk. A long, long way. No strollers, no backpacks. And here's hoping there are enough bathrooms. Five thousand portable toilets doesn't sound like enough even when supplemented by all the Smithsonian bathrooms. I am feeling badly for anyone who does have to get themselves to work (museum workers, hotel and restaurant employees, hospital employees, etc.) that day. Or to National to catch a plane.

So we will be doing what any practical person would do in this case. Watch everything on the television.

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