Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Three Books

1) "Pulled Thread Embroidery" by Moyra McNeill originally published in 1971. This is the Dover edition reprinted in 1993. For it's time this book has lots of great photos - all black and white. Stitch diagrams are drawn. Has some funky, artsy stuff. I'm saving this one for that later encounter I will have with pulled and drawn thread.

2) "Bargello Plus" by Mira Silverstein published in 1973. This book has both black and white and color photos and a beautiful peacock on the cover. Has a section on figuring out borders and miters for bargello work. I think this book may be very helpful in my near future.

3) "Four Way Bargello" by Dorothy Kaestner published in 1974. Has both color and black and white photos. I think the color ones are necessary for understanding the dimensional, kalidoscope effects of this technique. I was hoping that maybe there would be a bit about eight way, but no. This book is about to become my other new best friend.

I can see that I need to start cataloguing my books. Another project!

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