Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a Joining Fool

I can't really say why I have resisted so long joining the Loudoun Sampler Guild other than the Saturday meeting thing that cuts into family time. Last Saturday I went with friends and joined up. (For those who are counting that makes 2 EGA chapters, 1 ANG chapter, and this guild.)

What a fool I have been! I am definitely among needlework sisters here. So many pretty things. So much talent. But I won't waste time berating myself for not joining sooner. Will just enjoy what ever happens from here on.

The project for the day, which I was too late to do, was a scissor fob by Sharlotte Devere based on her black raspberry biscornu which was based on her Piecework Excellence in Needle Arts Award winner in 2008. I was able to buy the kit to do the biscornu. And also bought the kit to do her second award winning design that was in the Sept/Oct 2009 Piecework magazine about miniatures. This is the pin and earrings on silk gauze. I purchased the blue/green version.

While the class was ongoing, I sat and stitched on my Indigo Rose - Catherine Agnes sampler and made some good progress. Had a wonderful pizza with friends after the meeting. The day was so terrific I didn't even mind the rain.

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Shar said...

Hi Donna,

So glad you had fun at the LSG meeting. SInce you bought the Kit to do the pincushion, you should know that if you reduce the margins around the biscornu pieces some you should be able to fit the rectangle for a scissor fob on the fabric, and there is more than enough thread and beads in the kit to do the fob. The fob is just two adjoining squares of the biscornu top, with a layer of felt as padding and whip stitched with a bead on each stitch to join. If you have questions e-mail me through the Queen Stitch web site. Have fun! Sharlotte