Monday, November 02, 2009

Quiet Weekend

Didn't do much. Tried a new recipe for a savory bread pudding with kale and butternut squash from Food & Wine. Was okay. Needs something though. I added nutmeg, but I think some hot sauce or something would help.

Finally watched the Sex & the City movie. Who wrote this dialogue? They need to be strung up. Loved the fashion. Loved the city. But the characters were sometimes acting out of character. And Carrie would never show up at her wedding with dark roots. You don't see them in the wedding scenes, but you do see them clearly at the Mexican resort the day after.

I stitched on my Quaker diamond project. This is from an EGA class by Pam Darney of Guild House Samplers. Unfortunately no link as her website is under construction. Let's just say she gave a us diamond shape and Quaker motifs and the challenge to fill the diamond. Stitching with the Belle Soie on Lakeside Linen is a total pleasure. It just glides right through the fabric. Didn't have to frog a single stitch. And my diamond matched up with no problems in counting. Always good with something whose dimensions are 90 x 90.

Sun is shining after a weekend of rain. I'm going for a walk now.

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