Sunday, November 08, 2009

Too Many Ideas

I woke up this morning as DH headed off downstairs. Rolled over and fell back asleep. In the next 45 minutes I swear all I dreamed about was stitching.

I had been on the verge of deciding not to do the President's Challenge for my guild for next summer. But I had a dream that showed me what to do. Also was dreaming of doing something with Judy's crazy quilt hearts that are on her Freebies blog. (See sidebar.)

Dunno. Maybe I should roll over and fall back asleep more often...

Am going to my first ever American Needlepoint Guild meeting tomorrow. Had a nice little trip yesterday with a friend to find supplies. I already had the Watercolours in my stash, but needed to hit two stores to get everything else just right.

Took a drive west of us today. Yes! - there's a Sonic in Winchester. Oh how I have missed Cherry Limeade in the past nine years. And if anyone needs to know, the Potomac Bead Company in Winchester is huge. I just popped in for a quick look around. Did not purchase anything.


Mystical Minx said...

SONIC! I must needs to go there when I am in VA again.

Also, I find myself having that same creativity-strikes-while-half-asleep thing. I recommend it.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

There's a bead store in WINCHESTER! HURRAH! Thanks, Donna.

I like the lime rickeys at Sonic but they don't always have them.

You need to try Rita's Ice Cream stand when they open again next March....

Sweet Sarah said...

I love sonic and the cherry limeade is my favorite too...that and tater tots! Why can't we get Sonic up here in Northern Virginia???

Donna said...

Don't worry, Sarah. Sonic is getting closer all the time. There's 2 in Winchester and 2 in Fredericksburg.

And, Jane. Did I drive by Chilly Hollow on Sunday? Went through Berryville on our way to Winchester. You'll love the bead store. It's huge.