Sunday, November 22, 2009

Was There Ever Such a Miserable Day?

Do you ever pick up your stitching and everything you do goes wrong? That was my Thursday morning experience with my stitching group. I thought I'd work on my Tsunami Charity sampler as I desperately need to push on this one if I'm finishing it by the end of the year.

First - a section that I had to previously rip out and restitch, was stitched with the wrong color. As I don't like that color, I eventually ripped it out again. This particular motif may kill me. I don't like it and apparently it knows.

Second - okay. Move on to the motif that's in green. I start stitching. Immediate mistake. Rip it out. Start again. Oops. Another mistake.

Okay. This is three strikes and this project is out.

Fortunately I had Constantinople in my bag and I got that out. Yup. Right off the bat I made a mistake - crossing my x's the wrong way.

Made two more mistakes, before finally getting everything to work in a smoother manner.

Meanwhile it was now lunchtime. And I had passed on bad stitching karma.

After lunch, things were much smoother. But still. It's not pleasant when time you've set aside for stitching turns into a battle.

On Friday I finally finished the green motif and started the real problem child over again in a better color. Maybe this will all proceed normally...

On Saturday I cleaned and rearranged the bar. Removed junk. Put things away. Moved bookcases. And for added pleasure rearranged the bookcase with all my stitching/crafting books. I merely rearranged them. Did not take time to sort out that things no longer needed. But now the sampler books are together. The canvas books have their own shelf. The surface embroidery books share a shelf with the ethnic needlework books. Minatures are together. Beading books together. If I want something now, it should be much easier to locate it. But I really need to go through all the magazines. And binders. And binders. And binders. But that's a pleasure I will have to save for another day.

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