Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still Have My Head

But woke up this morning realizing I have a very quick deadline piece that needs to be in the proper hands by Friday. Bra bag's gotta wait.

Here's photo of Constantinople. Colorway is based on Watercolors - Cheyenne.

My update on Martina Dey's Tsunami Charity Sampler. Colors are loosely based on originals from photo. I'm using Crescent Colours instead of called for silks.


Jeanne said...

Both of these are lovely, but I really like Constantinople. Who's the designer?

Donna said...

Jeanne, will have to go and look. But I think it's Estelle Kelley.

Donna said...

Yup. Estelle Kelley.

Sara Leigh said...

Constantinople is looking great in Cheyenne. I'm wondering if this might be a good basis color for Stars for a New Millenium.

I love the way Tsunami is working up, in spite of the trials and tribulations I've watched you go through. It's going to be lovely, and you will get it done in time.

Donna said...

@Sara Leigh - I think Cheyenne is a great basis for a colorway for Stars. I was thinking I might use this someday. But feel free. Go ahead. We'd have different interpretations, I'm sure.