Friday, November 13, 2009

Recent Finishes and a Start

First up we have Les Bon Mots. Amazingly there are many webpages explicating the translation of this phrase. It's from Le Petit Prince which I did read in French in prep school.

Ah. From the beaded cabochon class on Wednesday. Beautiful. Terrifically proud of myself. Not that difficult. Takes a couple of hours even for a newbie. My stone is carnelian, though that did not photograph well. Need to go to the bead store and purchase matching beads to make a necklace part.

And lastly, on of my favorite places to fritter away some time, The Waste Knot, has new bags. Clear plastic. Long handles for the over the shoulder carrying. Large enough so my 11 x 11 stretcher bars have plenty of room. Zippered closure so I could safely go out in the rain with my project yesterday.

Inside the bag is my start for Constantinople, a canvas design through ANG. Sage green canvas and the beautiful Watercolours known as Cheyenne.

P.S. Thank you, Coni. I'm touched and will share your moving words with my husband.


Anna van Schurman said...

Love that carnelian. Easy you say?

Donna said...

Truly easy peasy. There is a good book on this - see my earlier post - from Wednesday, the 4th of this month.