Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chatty Cathy I Am Not!

Apologies for the erratic posting. I just haven't felt that chatty lately. Summer has swung in here with a wallop and we've reached the hot and humid high 90s and my motivation has crawled into the freezer. 

I'll try to thaw things out a bit. But we are planning a trip to NH so posting may stay a bit on the iffy side. 

Fun part of planning a trip, is planning what to take to stitch. Now that I've learned I can stitch in our current car, that's hours of stitching time. Though I'll probably be the one to drive away from the house at oh-dark-thirty. And when I say oh-dark, I mean anytime before 5:30 a.m. This gets us to our destination while avoiding all major cities during rush hours. 

Back to what to bring:  stitching in the car stitching. Something where I don't need to look at a pattern that often or ever. Maybe I should go look through the hand painted canvas pile. But I have to choose carefully because I don't want to be in need of laying tool either. Maybe some hardanger? 

I've been contemplating taking a BAP with me like Stars. And nothing else - the idea being that I'm forced to stitch on that. But really. This is not what a vacation is all about. 

I've got a cute little Fern Ridge kit sitting out - the Nautical Knots one. I might bring this. Will be making final choices on Thursday. And will likely take too much. Part of this becomes show and tell for me with relatives that rarely get to see what I'm making in person. I almost always overpack stitching and accomplish far less than I think I will. 

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Elmsley Rose said...

Can we have some of your heat? It's 6.30am, pitch black and freezing here in Australia right now.