Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Quick Stitchy Update

 I am farther along than this photo of Constantinople shows. All four corners are finished. And I did the pulled work in one of the rectangles, but it needs more than that. And I started my first row of couching on the border. What I really think is that the Watercolours color named Cheyenne is gorgeous. And could be a great starting point for other projects. 

I had to put this down to work on some finishing. I'm hoping to do the actual finishing on my Michael Boren ornament - Starry, Starry Night - as he's teaching this piece tomorrow for the D.C. EGA. I'd like to bring it finished. And I've been trying to finish Catherine Jordan's Sailing Away also. 

And they both need to just sit there this morning because I'm off to get my haircut. Or as we used to say in Colorado, I'm going to go sit on the beach (because we all left Shonna's house with lighter hair.)

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