Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Does My Neighbor Keep Stealing My Recycle Bin?

This is beginning to piss me off. I've got a blue recycle bin provided five years ago by AAA because I called them when we moved in and they brought two new ones. (I gave one to another neighbor as I didn't need two.) One of my newer neighbors suddenly thinks it is hers. I guess she doesn't want the blue cracked one that came from BFI, but was with her house when she moved in. I've got my house number on mine and everything. I don't really want to drag the broken one to her house and demand the return of mine, but I guess I'm going to have to. Silly, but there it is...

Today I finished my carnival bright colorway of Starry, Starry Night. Photos sometime tomorrow? Thus far, I'm having difficulties getting the color to show correctly. 

And I've ordered the newest Mill Hill Santas  -The Captain Santa, the First Mate Santa and Bo'sun Santa. I'm not sure why these three thrilled me so much when I first saw them, but they did. Family connections to the sea? Which I do have. Got an ancestor that served in the Navy during the Revolution. And the family lived for centuries on Great Bay in New Hampshire. Whatever. I love the ocean and these just speak to me.

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Kelly said...

My neighbor did the same thing! A week after they moved in, my recycle bucket goes missing. The next recycle day it was in their driveway full of their "stuff". I waited for the truck to come by and then took MY bucket back to my house! Worst part was that it was filthy and smelly. Made me so mad. Go get yours back!!! :-)