Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What's Next?

Hot dogs seem inspiring. Got a few comments. What's next? Pizza? 

Okay. I've had my breakfast and need to get food off the brain.  

This should help. Here's Love and Live Happy on Monday at the garage. I finished the motif in progress - upper left - and started in on the lettering below it. I'm lovin' it.

 A few years back, my son and I planted some lilies. He picked the lovely yellow ones that unfortunately every year we lose at least one to errant newspaper delivery. I guess I should move them, but I'm lazy that way.

The orange ones are mine and they've multiplied like crazy. I wish I could find upside down tiger lilies like the ones my father and found growing wild on the side of the road when I was young. We transplanted two of them at the camp and for years they did their lovely graceful swaying. I've never looked for these online before, but I will. Right now. 


Anna van Schurman said...

Food Network magazine did 50 pizzas--including a scrambled egg and bacon one! ;)

Natasha said...

I really love your WIP that mitif in the top right corner, the colors are SO pretty.

My grandfather had tons of Irisis and Lilies in his yeard, when he died my mother took them to her house where they multiplied and when she passed away everyone came over and took a bunch to plant in their yards. I will have to do a search for the upside down ones you are speaking off, do not think I have ever seen those. Take Care and I am not thinking about Pizza, I am not :0)

Sara Leigh said...

We had great tiger lilies in the yard of the house I grew up in. I've never come across them since. They were among my favorite flowers.