Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home At Last

Yesterday's ride home was at speed and uneventful. My husband agreed to a small detour in Connecticut and I got to stop by Thistle Threadworks in Glastonbury. I bought some on sale small cuts of linen, Mary Arden needles, my first package of Tokens and Trifles perforated paper cuts, two Victoria Sampler kits of the state hearts, and one Mill Hill beaded pin kit - the flamingo. I'm planning on attending EGA national seminar next year in Naples and have been gathering a few flamingo things in preparation. 

I did get to stitch a bit in the car. On Friday I started working on my Beth Russell kit that we bought at Liberty in London back in January. And I continued adding to the background in the car. It's a good thing that I love the color blue because this background is going to seem endless stitching of blue. 

All is well at home and today we'll get to see our darling daughter and her boyfriend as they are coming here for a couple of days. Rearranging and scheduling dilemmas abound, but we'll work it out. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Kelly said...

I heard about the shop in CT and have wanted to go there. When I was close by I went to Annie's in NYC instead.

Happy to hear you are going to EGA Naples Seminar. I am planning on going too. I have not been thrilled with the EGA classes lately so I have been going to ANG seminars. We have a family condo in Bonita Springs so I will stay there. I might take classes or I can just run down and enjoy the shopping. There are is a needlepoint shop in Naples and a cross stitch store in Port Charlotte which I have not been to yet but heard it is nice.

Marilyn, San Francisco said...

I love your photograph of one of my favourite shops in London, Liberty on Regent Street. Every time I open your blog I am reminded I must get on with my plans to go 'home' in September. Liberty is also famous for its fabric gallery (another indulgence!).