Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thank You!

I've had some input about my question of changing the name of the blog. And I believe I will reinstate a subtitle. I used to have one - though it was essentially pointless drivel. I'm going to think about my wording for a bit and see what makes me happy. 

I was a reading a typical women's magazine the other day - so typical that I can't even recall which one it was - and there's an article asking for advice of Nate Berkus. If you don't know who Nate is, you haven't watched Oprah in years. He's an interior designer who lost his partner in the 2004 Tsunami and he's about to get his own Oprah backed television show. Not that any of that matters. 

Some woman wrote in to him asking for advice dealing with laundry. Seems she's overwhelmed by piles of the stuff. Sound familiar to anyone besides me?

His advice - finish what you start. Let me say that again. FINISH WHAT YOU START. 

I would like to take this as my new mantra for dealing with life. Not just for things like laundry and dishes. But for anything. If you bring in the mail, deal with the mail. Don't leave it in a pile to deal with later. Because you won't. If you buy a new plant, plant the darn thing. Don't leave it on the deck in its too small nursery pot where it's root bound. And mostly, if you start stitching something, finish it! 

To that end - here we have the Sunflower Seed's lemons piece:

 I'm sorry that the color is off. The linen is way more yellow than this is reading. The threads are Carrie's Creations. Two or three hours and this should be finished. Started when? 2007? 2006? I don't really remember. 

And on the finish it side, I give you this piece purchased last Saturday at the LSG meeting from the French Needle.

The lining - red polka dot that matches the ribbon - had an opening in order to do the stitching. Which I have sewn closed so I can use this if I want to. It is just the cutest thing ever. Only took a couple of hours to stitch. The company name is Les Brodeuses Parisiennes.


Anna van Schurman said...

Cute French bag! I'm not sure everything that is started needs to be finished, especially not immediately. Though I do wish I didn't forget the wash in the washing machine so often. I do set the kitchen timer so I can put it in the dryer and put in the next load. (After the first load is in the dryer, that damn buzzer takes care of the rest.) But really, she needed help with that?

C in DC said...

Finish what you start... As applied to laundry? Well, sure, make sure each load gets finished and put away, but the whole process can consume your life if you don't say "enough" once in a while.

The load that I'm most likely to forget, is that last one in the washer for that round. Sigh...