Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Productive Tuesday

By the time I left home to take the car to the auto dealer for routine service I had, changed the sheets. Done a load of laundry. Taken care of the dishes. Watered the yard - if I don't do this every day, sometimes twice a day, things are going to die. And in general felt pretty good about following my new mantra of "If you start something, finish it."

I did my hour of time in the waiting room watching the World Cup and stitching on Lemons and Tequila and listening to music on my MP3 player. Which I happy I remembered to take with me because there was this woman who talked on her cell phone the entire time. Not quietly. And about stupid shit. I expected her to get to - you hang up. No, you hang up first. Overgrown adolescent in the body of a middle-aged woman. I heard far too much even with my headphones blasting Paul Simon and Lady Gaga at me.  

Thus, feeling like I was in control of my day, I headed over the mall at Tyson's. A place I have been avoiding for the quite some time due to the construction in the area for the Metro. One more idiot encountered - if you are driving a big ass SUV and are trying to park in a tight space, hang up the damn cell phone and use two hands to park your boat. No matter that she was inconveniencing the rest of us who can drive. 

Did not find the things I was hoping to find. But I did get the current (for us) issues of Stitch and Inspirations magazines. Both of which I can highly recommend. Found some absinthe glasses for my son who has developed a fondness for the green goddess. And in general enjoyed my time goofing off. 

Came home and finally located a project that had gone missing. I knew where it was before I picked it up and put it away. Sigh. 

Finished stitching Tequila. Made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Dragged out the relocated project. Changed the threads. Cut the linen. And because this is for the President's Challenge in our Chapter, I can say no more. I think I can do this. Involves some things I am not that great at when I get to the putting together stage. Right now, I'm hemstitching a narrow hem. And that's just the beginning. 

Got kind of tired and was afraid of making a mistake, so I moved on to crocheting a cozy for my water bottle. Got that started and realized it was after 10 p.m. And that there was no way I was staying up to watch the entire Red Sox game. I love that we play the west, but could the games start earlier? LOL

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Kelly said...

I love the idea if you start something finish it. I have been doing this for a while. It is not so great with stitching which I do finish but not necessarily without starting something else. Where it really works for me is with tasks like the mail. If you look through it, pitch the junk, file the bills and look at the magazines. It also works with putting stuff away in the right spot.

Yesterday was the day of stupid. I saw a lady about walk in front of a semi truck. The driver could not see her on the left hand side of his truck. Another person was parked at a busy corner and left his SUV car door open while he check email. A car finally honked as it about took off his door when they came around the corner. It is a wonder how some people make it through the day!

Hope Wednesday is just as productive.