Saturday, June 05, 2010

Friday's Fun

Where I went yesterday to have fun with my friends. 

This is the Hollingsworth Mill museum in Winchester, VA. On exhibit now are about two dozen schoolgirl samplers from the Frederick County area. 

Exhibit is small, but nice.

Old mill stones on the property.

Right next door is Abrahm's Delight, the oldest house in Winchester. 

Looking at the confusing info I find online, I think this house was built later than the original house. It was built by the son of the original settler and was used as a Quaker meetinghouse. 

Whatever. All I know is that I have a tremendous fondness for stone buildings.

We left there and we to a lovely Italian restaurant on the mall in Winchester - Violino's. Had a terrific lunch and lovely time talking and laughing. I wish everyone had been able to attend who was supposed to be there. You know who you are and you know that we all missed you! 

Current progress on Love and Live Happy. I agree with Natasha. I love the motif in the upper left corner. The Glorianna Pacific Blue is so beautiful. I'm now thinking that this piece is destined for our bedroom because of the blue.

What happened? I thought I uploaded a photo of Constantinople, too? Oops.

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Sara Leigh said...

It's looking more and more beautiful. I like your name appearing on what appears to be the left, leaving that lovely blue motif on the right, right? I'm getting confused.