Wednesday, June 09, 2010

EGA Wednesday

This morning is a meeting of the D.C. Chapter in which Michael Boren is teaching his Starry, Starry Night. Hey, I stitched that already. Last fall. In Culpeper.

I stitched this piece and finished it the night of the class around 1 a.m. But I finished it yesterday. I'm happy with how it turned out.  And because I can't help myself...

Today's version! 

I had the metallics and the silk in my stash. I did make a quick run to my LNS for the Grandeur and Wildflowers. Got it home and couldn't decide. Ecru canvas or black canvas. Finally decided that the metallics on the black looked too much like Halloween. And that the ecru was too boring. So I painted the canvas. Simple solution. (The diamond pattern on the canvas is from the window...) And yeah - I have a white colorway to do on the black canvas. It's a quick stitch and makes an elegant little ornament. Or pin. Or even a framed piece.

And then tonight - Board meeting for Oatlands Chapter. Makes for an interesting day.

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