Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Betty Ring Sampler Sales

The results from the sale of Betty's samplers can be found here at Sotheby's.

Total was over $4 million including one fantastic piece that went for over $1 million!

I don't know how long this link will work. You can just view it or you can download the info. 

I reiterate:  I am making future antiques. That's what I do when I stitch. Imagine how many schoolgirl samplers were stitched. Now think about how many remain. 

Now think about how many people are stitching such things today. And how many will remain in 100 years. Yup. Tomorrow's antiques. That's what I'm doing.


Beth said...

A friend and I went to the exhibit this past Saturday. It was truly inspiring. I can't believe how small the count size was that they stitch on without magnification and ott lights!

Nicola said...

Betty Ring's collection was amazing I wish I could ave seen it in person rather than just on the Internet. I winder if one of our pieces will one day be collectable.