Thursday, January 26, 2012

Massive Effort

As in a massive effort is needed to finish what I have started. 

My studio is once again torn apart. Big time. Gone are major pieces of furniture. Now I need to move a Billy bookcase - this one is the old size 36" x 72" - which is 4" wider than the one that currently in the room. We bought it back in 1989 when we returned from Germany happy to find that IKEA now existed in the USA. And it doesn't need to be moved a little bit. It needs to come up two floors. And then the old one can go down two floors. 

And then we'll move the really big stuff. I can't do all this on my own. Going to try to corral my son. I believe he can be bribed with food. We'll see.

We did get our new entertainment unit, but there was a slight snafu. And now we're waiting on the pier for the right hand side. Seriously. Who would want to order the middle and just one side pier??? And now we are amazed at the difference in the television viewing caused by raising the tv about 8". Who knew? Of course, there's a new stereo to go with the new unit. And a new Blue-ray player. 

And that meant that I lost my Sony unit in the kitchen which was my music source. So someone bought me a Squeezebox Radio and now I have music- internet radio, podcasts, Pandora, our own music - all sorts of interesting things to listen to. Listening to the Splendid Table could keep me inspired for a year! 

And finally. I haven't been stitching much with all this activity. But I should be able to get a handle on things by next week. Stars is still staring at me and it will take another massive effort of will for me to finish it. I always drag at the end of a project.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Hugs! Be careful moving all that heavy stuff.