Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Naming Time

A few of you will have already seen this on facebook - sorry for the repetition. 

Yesterday we bought a new car. In the collage you can see our other car - a white 2011 Avalon which I have been driving with great pleasure. 

And now I'll be switching to the cute little red Versa hatchback that followed me home from the Nissan dealership yesterday. Isn't she cute?

So it's naming time at our house. Lucy, Pepper, and Ruby are the current top choices. If you have any suggestions, feel free to chime in. 

In stitchy news:  Stars is seeing progress. I did quite a bit of stitching on my purse project yesterday at the dealership. They can never seem to make that process go faster. Seems silly to me. 

My room has the bigger bookcase in it now. Not all my books fit and I'm considering a bit of downsizing. At least now I can get to them! I'll be working on moving a much bigger piece of furniture next. And frankly, I need to get this done for my own piece of mind as I can't find anything in the room's current rip apart state which is driving me crazzzzy!

I've received my instructions for Amy Mitten's Friesland Winders' Keeper class. The kit might arrive this week. I'm looking forward to this project as I have some friends who are also participating in this. 

And I might be finally starting my Kimono class today or tomorrow. Phew. Just in time to try to keep up. 


CalamityJr said...

Well, since you're already considering Pepper, how about Cayenne, since it's red?!

Needle Nicely said...

I vote for Hot Tamale, Tammy for short. She's gorgeous!
Mary Agnes

Anonymous said...

I love my Versa. It is a white 4-door sedan. 6 speed manual transmission.

Margaret said...

Oh fun! Nice zippy red car to drive around in! I like any of the names you've suggested myself. :D