Friday, January 06, 2012

More Progress and Decisions

I haven't totally given up on last year's Crazy January Challenge. Here's where I'm at on my Little House piece. This will eventually make it's way into my purse as my travel along project. As soon as I finish "Waiting for the Harvest."

Another CJC piece. I think there might be a mistake in it. Or I am counting wrong. Anyway, I plan on looking at it and the chart with a highlighter in hand later today to figure it out. 

And here's my progress on my newest start - Laura Perrin's Pacific Coast Collage. I know she says to stitch the boxes first, but that's just too boring. So I set the first box and moved on to the upper right and then start the fill pattern which is supposed to be ice plant. Ugh. Ice plant for anyone who has lived on the coast is an imported scourge. I used to pull 100s of pounds of that stuff from yard every week in an attempt to remove it. 

And here's where I currently stand on picking colors for the Shining Needle Kimono class with John Waddell. I have posted a photo of my colors on the yahoogroup looking for opinions. I continue to second guess myself on this. I want to be super happy with these colors as I may be looking at them for a while. 

I love the colors in the photo on the book. But I did one project last year with this palette and have another in the works. 

I had picked out three overdyed silks to use as a base for this piece. But when I went to my needlework store, I came out with different overdyeds.

Now I fear I am too easily influenced by how I am feeling on the day I pick colors. LOL

All I really knew is that I did not want to work with a pastel palette. 

I do have one other batch of threads that I had picked last year to do the Stitch-O-the-Month that I didn't do. I may look for them later...

And speaking of Stitch-O-the-Month, as much as I was attracted to this year's red colors. And as thrilling as the line-up of designers sounds - I won't be stitching 2012's project either. No hearts for me. I'm too busy to create an alternate design and that's that. I will check the stitches and follow what others are stitching, but I was disappointed by the actual design. 

Hey. As Ricky once sang, you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself.


Anonymous said...

I like you color choice.

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I do like the colours you have picked for Kimomo, they will work well with our design. The turquoise will shimmer beautifully against the darker colours. I love Laura's designs I have Autumn Leaves kitted up in my stash.

Kelly said...

I am with you on the SOTM. I am not a red person and I am not thrilled with hearts. A girl has to pick her projects with care and love what she is working on. I really like your color selections for the kimono. It will be fun to watch everyone work on this project.

Teresa S. said...

I'm with you on the 2012 ANG SOTM- I got all excited when I saw the list of designers participating. But when I saw the heart outline, my heart sank. :( Not a heart person either.

I've in the John Waddell class too. I have the kimono already started in all ivory and have been second-guessing restarting it with colors. But think I'll stay with what I have. I have Margaret Bendings Plum Blossom kimono for color!

kmaurer said...

I love the colors you've chosen! I would have liked to take the Kimono class but time and money said otherwise. Have a great time with it.