Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Evening Update

Okay. So first of all. Congrats to the Patriots who are returning to the Super Bowl. Vince Willfork - we love you!

I've been crocheting a hat that I started right before last weekend's game against Denver. I think I'll shoot for finishing it during the Super Bowl. Because I can!

I've done some more work on my Stars. Not the three remaining squares, but the sashing and border. I realized that I was stitching the sashing corners with different threads than I used on the first two. I like what I did recently better and the first two squares will be frogged. Also need to frog a square of the battlement couching - as all four should have a different orientation. Two of them are wrong, but if I remove one and change it, all will be okay. I hate to have reverse progress on this project, but I spent 24 hours staring at it and I know I need to fix it or else I'll be unhappy forever after framing. 

I also spent some time removing things from my studio today. All the paper crafting stuff is gone. And I assembled a new Elfa cart. All my beading is in there now along with a collection of pearl #12 and #8. What else to put in there? Tomorrow we get the delivery of our new entertainment unit. I haven't been able to paint the walls in the living room, but I'm willing to let that wait for warmer weather. I see the orginization happening that I envisioned. Slowly, but surely. 

Lots of lovely things coming out of the Phoenix trade show...

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