Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Fun

Today was a break from my usual Thursday schedule. Our group was asked if we could meet on Wed. or Fri. because of a wedding. Not a normal thing to get bumped by. And I already had made a doctor's appt. Then I needed to go pick up DH from work as he had a pair of doctor's appts.

So nothing was really normal about today.  

I didn't get to stitch with my usual group. They're meeting tomorrow and I won't get to stitch with them then either. 

Because it's time to go to Ocean City for Camp Wannastitch!

That's right. Friday - Monday with 60-70 stitchy women on the ocean in Maryland. 

This retreat is a Mid-Atlantic EGA sponsored event. And this is the first time I'll be attending.

Did I mention that I'm bringing my hubby? Can't go to the beach without him. 

Now here's where I get to confess how my idiocy caused me to waste about 90 minutes. 

I went upstairs to pack some projects for the weekend. Oh the tough decisions. 
My original plan was a heavy rotation of canvas projects. But then I thought about my Garden Gate Quaker piece. That would be nice and relaxing and I haven't stitched on it since November. And then I started looking for it. And looking for it. And looking for it. I thought I knew where it was. But I was so wrong. 

Once around the room. Twice around the room. Looked in the bedroom just to sure. Panic started to set it. 

Third time looking through boxes and baskets of projects. I found all my other Pam Darney pieces. (Side note:  that's quite a little collection I've got going.)

Put all my chosen pieces and gear in my bags. And gave up and went downstairs. 

Where I immediately started looking again. In the kitchen. I knew this project was still in its original bag. I knew I last saw it in November. 

Walked into the living room. Okay. This was right around the time we rearranged furniture. And viola! There was my project in a bag between my chair and my library table. Been sitting there untouched and unnoticed for about 2 months. 


Now I don't have to spend a long weekend away from home wanting to be at home tearing my house apart to find this!

In other news, I've been rethinking my Kimono thread choices. I've dumped my other colors in favor of this peacock flavored plan! 



Nancy L said...

Those are truly luscious colors! Brava!!

Goldylox99 said...

Oooh, I love your peacock color scheme! Have fun on your trip to OC. I've never gone, either (we live halfway between Baltimore and DC, although we will be moving near Chincoteague in a few years.

So glad you found your stitching! Soumds like one of my hare-brained moments.

Nicola said...

I love the peacock colours. I am so frustrated my supplies have still not come. Enjoy the weekend, sounds such fun.

Anna van Schurman said...

Love the colors! (Viola?)

lewmew said...

Love the colors! If you feel like sharing, let me know!

Shanda said...

Love the peacock colors!! So glad you found your kit! Have fun on the stitching weekedn!

Donna said...

Yes. Viola. Family tradition???

Linda - will gladly post actual thread choices when I return home and if I remember? LOL

Ginger said...

I love the colors you chose. Do please let us know what they are!

BFromM said...

Ooooh! Those colors are lovely! And your search sounds like some of the ones that I have.

Bonnie said...

Glad you find your PD piece. Did you get one from her for me in November? What is going on with her? Noticed her webpage is completely gone.

Interesting that you changed your colorway (again) for your kimono.

Hope you and David had a good time in OC.