Monday, January 09, 2012

Monday Morning Progress Report

Quiet and productive. That's how my weekend was. House is officially dechristmasfied. A few things still out because I like lighting candles. But the majority is put away till next November and the house feels cleaner and less cluttered. 

And in the less cluttered vein, my son spent the weekend moving out and moving in with friends. When he finally clears his room, we will have a bona fide guest room. And then I can solve my studio problems by simply moving the papercrafting stuff out and into his room! In a week or two with a little bit of effort I'll be ship shape. (There has to be some benefit to "losing" a child - I'm gonna miss him.) He's not going far. I'm sure he'll be by for regular feedings...

I'm sure that my Sunday evening was spent the way many of you spent Sunday evening - watching Downton Abbey. For some reason, I don't think the men in those show are as compelling as the women. I can't take my eyes off Violet, Cora, Lady Mary, and Anna. Even Edith is proving interesting.
So while watching, I managed to stitch a bit more on my Pacific Coast Collage.

Though Ms. Laura J Perrin recommends stitching the boxes first, I just can't do that. I'll just be bopping around as it suits me. I realized I hadn't read everything before beginning the watery background behind the otter. (Note to Bonnie:  read everything first paying attention. Bad me.) Now I'm going to continue along the path I have chosen because I like how the water is looking even after one thread. 

In bigger stitching news a WIP has reemerged from the darkness:

Yesterday we got together again to work on Stars. Several people are approaching the end with only sashing and borders to go. 

This is my Gregory Peck. He started out looking very light and then suddenly went all dark on me. How delightful. He's square number 8 and I have all the border finished except the on the bottom. 

I'm ready to make a serious stab at finishing this piece. Seriously. I am.


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I agree about the ladies in Downton. Maggie Smith steals the show with her one liners and Lady Mary oh to have her complexion.

Suzanne Allen said...

Donna, my stitching group is starting Stars on Jan 21! I've started a Pinterest board with all the colorways I could locate on the web plus a couple that Memphis stitchers have already done. Please please post pictures of your group's finished pieces! You can find the Pinterest board at

We all love Downton Abbey, too - must be a gene link between stitching and the English manners genre.

Anonymous said...

another stars for me to gape at! wonderful wonderful.

i am a big mr. bates fan. although i wish he would give up on the rich foods a bit, he is looking too unhealthily heavy to me.

Anonymous said...

thanks suzanne!