Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Fun in Ocean City

This weekend was our first trip to Ocean City, but it won't be our last one! DH was the only man who stayed the entire weekend and he found plenty of things to do to keep entertained. It didn't hurt that it was a NFL playoff weekend. 

Takes about 3.25 hours for us to get there. We took the GPS recommended route through Delaware and were rewarded with a major find - Jimmy's Grille in Bridgeville. This is one of those places were you can order a meal of side dishes. I had the turkey and dressing with collard greens and lima beans. Yum! DH spent so much time raving about the fried chicken that I knew we'd be stopping here on the way home. Also bought a couple of bags of cookies on the way out - I still haven't tried a chocolate chip one, but the oatmeal raisin are better than mine. That's right. I said they make better cookies than I do. 

I was second member of our group to arrive and around 2:30 p.m. I was sitting down organizing my projects for stitching nirvana. 

Others of us trickled in until we had 10 people at 2 tables. There were over 60 of us altogether. 

I won a door prize Friday night, but as it was the Just Cross Stitch Halloween book that I already have, I passed it to another Halloween lover and she already had it, too. So she passed it to my new friend, Jean, who was finishing up a Sleepy Hollow piece. 

Because it was stitching at the beach, I started with by finishing one of the turtles on my Pischke Pocket. How silly of me to put this down for so long. 

I will have to remember to bring this out more often. Oh, and I started crocheting a hat in the car, too. 

Here's Matter's Choice by Carriage House. It's Atlantic Blue silk on Autumn Gold linen by Lakeside. I didn't do much on this - finished the squirrel and started the deer and duck. I only picked this one up once. 

I had 5 projects that I rotated through the weekend. I brought nothing that was close to finishing. My goal was to make some progress on my WIPs. 

I spent a lot of time stitching on my American Beauty Rose. It's slowly starting to take shape. But I find working on this for any amount of time tiring. And I think it's staring at all that red. 


Here's my Pacific Coast Collage. I've got an otter looking back at me now. 
This seemed like a fitting project to bring to the beach. And I picked up a shell on the beach that I like better than the one that came with the chart. 

And lastly, the project that I wasted so much time hunting for:

My Garden Gate Quaker. I finished the blue motif. Now where to go next on this one??? It's just so darn pretty. 

We had lots of good food. Walks on the beach in the wind. Shopping at Salty Yarns. For all members of the Mid-Atlantic Region of EGA who haven't been to Camp Wannastitch before, what are you waiting for? We've already got plans for next year!


Anonymous said...

I love Jimmy's too. Try the crabcakes.
Sounds like a great weekend.

Lee said...

Sounds awesome! Can an EGA Member-at-large attend?

Nicola said...

How wonderful to be able to participate in the group. Lucky, lucky you.

katiem said...

Garden Gate Quaker is BEATUTIFUL! Those colors are so so nice. I may have to add this one to my wish list.

Bonnie said...

LOVE Garden Gate. I know you are not surprised, but had to say it. I just love PD's designs and still want to start one.

country stitcher said...

Sounds like a lovely time!
Happy Stitching