Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Photo by DH. Things to do while wife is stitching:  go to Assateague Island and visit the ponies.

If you haven't noticed, both Jan and Liz have finished their Stars for a New Millenium. And here's a link to a pinterest board with a bunch of Stars photos!

Stars on pinterest 

It's always amazing when my group gets together and you see many of these pieces in progress in all different colorways. I may have a couple of hours later to work on my 9th square. We'll see. I need to force myself to push through the end of this project.

Now. I know from comments that some of you really like my Garden Gate Quaker. Unfortunately, this was a teaching piece. The designer made a limited number of kits. And I bought the last one. 

Woodlawn has shifted the dates of the 49th annual Needlework Show:

Yes, Virginia, there is a Needlework Exhibition!

Due to our window restoration, the Needlework Exhibition has been shifted from its regularly scheduled March appearance. The show will go on, but not in March. Please come see us from May 12 – June 10, 2012. This gives those of you entering the show a little extra time to finish your pieces.


This gives me some extra time to maybe finish some other things for the show. Intake for pieces is in April so anything that may need framing needs to be finished by March. Now what was I saying about Stars???


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Nicola said...

After reading your post I googled Assateague Island. It sounds like a lovely place to visit.