Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Anyone Need a New Ironing Board?

Mark Lipinski

There may be a few of us here that were AOL 10 years ago and remember Mark, our own ToughguyNJ. He was vocal and funny and sometimes outrageous, but never boring in his posts on the cross stitch boards.

There's a profile of his new quilting magazine in today's (Nov 13th) Washington Post magazine reader in the Style section. You do have to register to read the whole article. But I'll post the opening paragraph to whet your appetite:

In Houston a couple of weeks ago, Mark Lipinski was mobbed by cheering, screaming, laughing women. Some wanted to hug him. Some wanted his autograph. And some wanted to learn where they could get one of those beefcake ironing board covers, the ones with a photo of a hunky guy wearing only a towel, a towel that vanishes when -- well, here's how Lipinski described it in his magazine, which is called Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home:

"When you iron over said man, and get him hot (so to speak), his towel totally disappears and -- oh, baby, oh-oh-oh! -- he's naked! Your husband's going to wonder what wonderful thing he's done that's keeping you so happy in the laundry room (hee hee hee)!"


His website is here:


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