Monday, November 26, 2007

Box of FUFOs

I opened that box yesterday to show in-laws. DH was appalled at all the projects that just are sitting there without framing.



The sad fact is that the cost of framing has gotten too high for me to afford. And I just keep adding the the completed pile.


Sweet Pea said...

My MIL kept asking me what we wanted for Christmas, and I finally hit upon the idea to have her pay for the framing of a piece my husband stitched a few years ago. It's 11x17 and it's all stitched, so I didn't want to fool around with framing it myself. She thought it was a great idea and we're getting it professionally framed.

Really though, it's not hard to frame some of the smaller pieces yourself. There's a TON of information on how to do it online, and even if your pieces don't fit in pre-cut mats and pre-made frames, you can still get custom stuff at a reasonable price online.

I recommend I've used them a bunch of times and I'm always happy with what I order. A word of advice though - ask them to send you a set of sample mats. The colors differ dramatically in person and online.

jo said...

I do frame smaller things myself. I've even taken a framing class somewhere back there in my past. But the things I've got piled up are too nice for me to finish myself. I'd like to do them justice. LOL

Sweet Pea said...

Well next time someone needs a gift idea for you, ask them to have something framed from your collection. We have a pile of stuff waiting to be framed or finished as well and I think I am going to make it a goal of mine to get a few big or extra special pieces framed each year. It's a shame to put all that work into something and keep it hidden in a drawer.