Monday, November 19, 2007


Okay. So the in-laws are arriving tomorrow. We all know what that means. While finishing up the remodel in the office, everything got shifted around and had to be put back. Did that yesterday. Today is all about the cleaning.

I found the most amazing curtains at Goodwill. Four panels. Two for the windows and two for the closet. And DH loves them, too. I swear someone bought them and decided they didn't like them and just donated them. They're brown, tan and silvery blue with a geometric circles and squares design. (I know photos. Battery is charging right now.)

But while straightening the bedroom before cleaning, I finally hung my Poseidon. I had originally planned on hanging him in the bathroom and my friends all told me he was way too nice for the bathroom. Well, yesterday I hung him in the bathroom. He looks fantastic. Classes up the joint. I can't believe I waited nearly four months before putting this on a wall. What an idiot.


Michelle said...

The curtains sound great. Glad you finally hung your Poseidon - he is amazing!! I may have to stitch that one!

Kathryn said...

We jut hung pictures in our house that have been sitting on the floor for a year! Pictures are just one of those things that you get around to last, like curtains, when all else is fixed and straightened.

Those nice goodwill curtains could have been temporary. Made to measure curtains take a long, long time. If you can't wait to curtain the bedroom, you might just buy SOMETHING to cover the windows until the real curtains come. The temporary curtains might not even fit, but you get them to Cover the Windows. Or they could be curtains from a house for sale that the new owners hated and out they go. Just your good fortune. Congrats.