Friday, November 16, 2007

I've Got It

Last summer I designed and stitched my first rock n roll band sampler - sunshine came softly through my window today. Now I've got my second one brewing in my head - breathe deep the gathering gloom. I've got the absolutely perfect piece of linen for this.

Why do I consider the Moody Blues a winter band? I don't think I ever listen to them in the spring/summer.

Some one help me. I need more hours in each day. Preferably with sunlight.


Anna van Schurman said...

You just have to spend more time sitting under your Ott-Lite.

jo said...

It's a vicious circle. If I had more time to stitch under my light, I'd feel better and be more productive. But because I'm not being productive and lack of natural light brings on that moderate depression, I don't have enough time to stitch. There's a point to step off this wheel. I'm just waiting for it. LOL

Jenn L said...

PICTURES?!?!?! Sheesh!!!

Jenn L said...

Oh, and my Ott is my desk light. So it's on any time I'm at my computer (which is pretty much every single night from 7pm to about midnight LOL) And yes, my stitching is set up at my desk as well.