Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poor Kitteh

Because we hung those Goodwill curtains in the office, we've actually been using them and closing them at night. Well, it seems that somehow our 20 lb. cat has claimed this space for his very own private club. The other cat rarely comes in here. He has an ottoman with a cat fur catching pad on it and lounges on it or under it in front of the window. But yesterday morning he was totally stymied by the presence of curtains! He couldn't see out of his window. He was pacing back and forth upstairs, looking at me (I know now with dismay in his eyes.) He finally settled in front of the kitchen window. And 1 1/2 hours later, I figured out his problem. He beat me to the bottom of the stairs and was on the ottoman waiting for me to open that curtain. This morning he tried a different tactic - lolling on the freshly steam cleaned carpet upside down being cute and drawing attention to himself. He's a funny one, our Elvis.

Today his second favorite Mom arrives. My mother-in-law adores this cat. We've actually brought him to NH from VA just for her to visit with him.

The house is totally clean, except I need to change the sheets on the bed and do some picking up in the kitchen. And make a lasagna. Because after in-laws arrive I have to head south on I-95 to pick up son at college. His classes don't end till 3:15. That could be a fun drive home.

Meanwhile I haven't put a needle in my hand since what, Friday? Saturday? Help. I'm suffering withdrawal.

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Jenn L said...

My two older cats love my dark heavy curtains. Because when I close them, they can lounge on the sill and the babykitteh can't find them! Of course, even before Firecat found his way to us, they still loved that sill... this is just a bonus!

I totally understand the whole not holding a needle because of holiday insanity thing. If it weren't for the weekend stitch-n-bitch and commuting, I wouldn't have made any progress on anything either, and I expect it to stay this way through the new year.